The Lonely Vegetarian: A Weekly Comic Strip

OK. So tonight my brain is fried from all the writing I’ve been doing this week, so I decided to try something new- a comic strip! I would like to make this a weekly addition to my blog, Hayley’s Comments: Introspection on Healing, Life, and Vegetarianism. I noticed tonight I have barely written anything about vegetarianism in weeks—maybe even months, so I unveil my new comic strip, “The Lonely Vegetarian.”


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2 Responses to The Lonely Vegetarian: A Weekly Comic Strip

  1. Jeanette

    Good one!!! You shame me!!!

  2. if God didn’t want chickens to be eaten he wouldn’t have made them taste so good. also remember we aren’t the only ones who eat chicken and meat. Foxes, Weasles, Cats and Dogs enjoy chicken too but i like the strip none the less.

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