Harassing the Vegetarian

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Since becoming a vegetarian I find that many non-vegetarians are offended by my very ethical standpoint. Though I have never rubbed my ideologies or explained to them why I find the slaughtering of animals for food offensive, they still find something about me intimidating. The very idea of my vegetarianism has offended a handful of people within my friends and family circles. But why?

None of the offended people have ever had the intentions of becoming a vegetarian nor the slightest interest in vegetarianism, so why does my choice to be one offend them? I have had people make fun of me and tease me. Okay well that might just be playful… I have also had people describe in detail the gutting of a deer and how delicious the meat tasted. Now that was meant to annoy me. Most recently I had someone send me a Youtube video of a person chasing a wild turkey into a busy street. Why? Why do they send me such videos? I promptly wrote back- you do know that I LIKE animals don’t you? They haven’t answered me yet.

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