Meant to Be?

If something is meant to be will it happen? I imagine this is a very ancient question- in fact, right now I am picturing Socrates in a toga pondering this one. Does anybody know for sure? We can only take examples from our lives and string them together to formulate our answer. Thinking back on my life I can certainly think of examples of when something was not meant to be.

A friend hooked me up with a guy she knew. We had never met face to face but I already knew what he looked like half naked because he was one of the firemen in our local city’s classy Firefighter’s Calendar. Anyways, we hadn’t yet met up, but we spoke on the phone a few times. His predominate method of contacting me was through texting. Oh, the faux pas that texting can create….The story your about to hear makes me want to implement a no texting rule, for my own safety as well as the safety of others, however, it would be best if I just threw my phone out because I’ve definitely made a fool of myself through what we know to be more traditional dialing methods.

Anyways, this guy would text me a lot after he left the gym at night. It was late one night and I was half asleep. He was an ex-marine and mentioned it a lot. One night he was texting me about his old marine days part of which he spent in Arizona. That night, he made a joke about bringing me down to the Border with him to help him “hunt Mexicans.

Hunt Mexicans?! This man was sick! How could he make a joke like this? There is nothing funny about “hunting” people, least of all Mexicans. They’re just trying to live their lives. Quickly I texted back, “Joking about hunting people is definitely not something cool in my book.” Dead air. I didn’t care that he wasn’t responding. If he had such a sick sense of humor I didn’t really want to hear from him or date him in the future.

Then it dawned on me….Oh hunting Mexicans. As in looking for them. Somehow it slipped my mind that in addition to his Marine duties he also worked as a Border Patrol Agent. Let’s just say that was the last I heard from him. The worst part of this story may be the fact that I was sober when this happened; therefore, I cannot blame it on anything other than myself being an idiot.

In retrospect, I know that this guy wasn’t right for me. There were parts of his story that were just odd and just didn’t mesh with me. I knew then that I was clinging to an illusion. I knew it wasn’t right but I was hopeful that it might work.

What happens in the opposite scenario? What if you meet someone that you really connect with and know in your heart is a good match for you and then you happen pull a Hunting Mexicans Moment? If it’s meant to be, will you hear from them again?  I honestly don’t know what his problem was…I would’ve gave me another chance 😛


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  1. hahahaha! although i’m a devout objectivist and don’t believe in fate but rather place value on things happening because one makes them happen, your story is a very nice one, prompting me to chuckle. if your book is anything like this, then i will be engaged during the entire read. :) x

    • Hayley Rose

      Hi Nicole- thanks! Yes I’m just full of embarrassing stories lol- I could probably fill a book with that alone- I think you will like my book, the humor is a little more subtle and darker.

    • Paul Roese

      @nicole. you are Really a follower of Ayn Rand!!! that’s unexpected and a little twisted. she was one damaged goods sister. ah well, takes all kinds. good luck with it chica.

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