Rescue Animal of the Week

Milo- one of the new kitties

Last night when I was volunteering at the animal shelter, I heard some very sad stories about how we acquired two lovely new cats. I will not tell you the story, it is heartbreaking. Just know that they are happy, healthy and safe now. People can be really terrible when it comes to animals. Just hearing about those cats and other stories reminded me of why I started The Veggie Stand in the first place…though it is closed until further notice, I felt the need to perpetuate the awareness of adopting and rescuing animals.

So now that The Veggie Stand has officially moved back to Hayley’s Comments, in honor of this merger, I would like to continue a weekly column from The Veggie Stand called “Rescue Animal of the Week.” Each week we will feature a different rescue animal- if you’d like to see your pet or a friend’s as the next Rescue Animal of the Week on Hayley’s Comments, please provide the following information by emailing it to me at

A picture of your pet

Your pet’s name

Your name, city and state

Where did your pet come from?

How did you come to adopt/ rescue your animal?

And anything else you would like us to include about your animal.

Check out past Rescue Animals of the Week here

I hope to hear from you and your pet soon!

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4 Responses to Rescue Animal of the Week

  1. Milo looks like a happy cat!

  2. Linda Seccaspina

    This is so good you do this Hayley

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