My Rapist Doesn’t Know He’s a Rapist

I found this through a Facebook “share” this morning and thought you might appreciate it. I do not know the origins of this photograph. All I know is that is was taken at a DC Slutwalk.

Slutwalks are a recent slew of protests by women who are sick of being victim blamed for their rapes by their rapists and the culture at large.



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4 Responses to My Rapist Doesn’t Know He’s a Rapist

  1. Suzanne M.

    That woman in the picture explains it quite well. I respect her.

  2. Linda Seccaspina

    In Canada we have “Take Back the Night’ walks.. poster says it all.

  3. Paul Roese

    no one deserves to be physically assaulted under any circumstances! that said it is incumbent on individuals to exercise some common sense. i have every right to walk through bad neighborhoods wearing a Rolex watch and having $100 bills hanging out of my pockets without being molested but few would argue that even though i have the right it would be a wise choice. when i was involved in promoting music it never ceased to amaze me how many girls would by nights end be totally shit faced and some passed out. my associates and i always made sure that the ladies were taken home by the people they came with or otherwise we would have dropped them off at the cop shop. we were not going to let just anybody drive off with these girls. the fact we were lookin’ out for them still doesn’t change the fact that it was irresponsible if not dangerous for the women to act this way. it should also be said rape is a serious charge not to be made if you regret a drunken hook up with some dude. if the girl says No that’s it! but “i’m not sure” or “what about my boyfriend?” aren’t very clear especially if no force was used. talking someone into sex isn’t a crime.

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