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Good Afternoon! I would like to announce a few things.

The first is that the print copy of my book “I Know Why They Call a Shell a Shell,” will be coming out soon and I definitely want to do a giveaway/ contest. I will keep you posted on this.

Next, make sure you keep an eye out tomorrow for Linda’s new post, “I Wrote This Because You Loved Me.” The post is a touching and transcendental tribute to her beloved sister.

And finally, today I made my debut in HuffPost Politcswith my piece, “Rush Thinks We’re All Sluts.” Be sure to check it out by following this link! Have a great day everybody, XO




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  1. Linda Seccaspina

    Thanks Hayley and going to check your article at Huffpost


  2. Paul Roese

    am reading it on my iPad. much luck with the print edition.

  3. I hope you will join Hayley & HCCN as we discuss her book and work on Dating Again After An Abusive Relationships! Tuesday 11/5/2013 @ 12pm.. subscribe to our podcast if you cannot catch the show!! You don’t want to miss this! Hayley will also be sending autograph copies of her book to those who call in!!

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