Miracles are Like Seedlings

Miracles are like seedlings, slow. Take for example an event many consider a miracle, the birth of a child. After the sperm and egg meet, it takes approximately nine months for the baby to show up. Nine months of development for the fetus, nine months of waiting for the parents. It takes nine months for a child to be born and even longer to make it happen. There’s the idea of having the baby, planning, and some people try for years before there is a successful conception. Like a seedling, a miracle often takes a long time, but you know it will eventually turn into a tree; this is called belief or faith.

Miracles, or acts of God, are like anything else. They too take planning, waiting, and persevering. For some reason, I, like many others expect miracles to happen instantaneously. Time after time I’ve hit what felt like rock bottom, and expected God or something more powerful than myself to help me find (or think of) the missing puzzle piece, only to hit rock bottom again and again. I think there’s a plausible explanation for this and it lies in scientific fact.

Humans are thought to be body and soul, stuck between two worlds, one half of us living in the physical realm, the other half of us existing in a spiritual realm that is untouchable let alone understandable.

Our bodies are made of atoms that constantly vibrate on a certain frequency. Solids and liquids vibrate very slowly, but things like sound waves and electricity vibrate on a much higher frequency, so high that we can’t see them moving from one end of the circuit to the other. The frequency of the spiritual realm, or God’s frequency, if you will, theoretically must vibrates at an even higher frequency than electricity or light.

So if a God-like figure does have a hand in what humans refer to as miracles, the transfer of energy from a higher frequency (God’s frequency) to a lower frequency (our physical plane) creates a time lag between praying for a miracle and receiving it.  A miracle does not typically happen instantly because there is a waiting period during the translation of energy from the spiritual to the physical form. I am sure there are other contributing factors that can also delay the process until the environment is ideal to receive and create the miracle. One example is when water vapor turns to frost. Even in this very real and scientifically proven example, deposition is not possible unless the temperature is below the freezing point. So if your miracle has not yet appeared, don’t worry it’s probably just a matter of alignment.


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  1. Linda Seccaspina

    I will keep waiting until hell freezes over..:)

  2. Riding the frequency waves here. I can see love whizzing by and when I try to grab hold of it that is impossible. I think it is all in the movement. The river. Thanks for this beautiful post.

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