The Illusion of Love

Butterflies emerge from the darkness of the cocoon to greet the light and fly.  What a feeling that must be!  There is such a lightness to falling in love and to be uplifted by the attention of another person is an uplifting high full of hope and possibilities.  The reality of Love is that although it will transform you, it can be quite painful.

The evolution of a love affair is a steady progression of acts and communication.  It is like when a woman gives birth to a baby; she sees the power of existence it is overwhelming.  The steady love that can develop over a lifetime between a mother and child is subject to all sorts of challenges.  Life is not static.  It evolves and swirls around us in illusions.

Making a new friend can be an exhilarating escalation of love.  Play dates and shared confidences create a close bond that is painful when broken or dishonored.  A few harsh words or misunderstandings can eliminate years of friendship when someone’s true nature is revealed.   Selfishness and lack of empathy crash through the illusion of friendship shattering it into a thousand pieces.  Love retreats like as a soldier hides in camouflage; love retreats like a chameleon.

True love doesn’t care about illusions.  When it is diminished it comes back in another direction.  If it is dishonored it sneaks around the back door and seeps in through the lock because it has to be acknowledged and longs for existence again and again.  Love is a force that wants us.  It lives through our senses and needs us to survive.  Again and again it shouts out and seeks attention like water in a flood that keeps filling us up and going where it is uncomfortable.

It is easy to open the door to love and to desire the hope and light that it brings into our lives.  But it is not so easy to keep that door open and let it transform.  You have to give everything up for love.  When my daughter walks in the door I am no longer me.  The energy of motherhood envelops my soul.  When I get a love note from a fellow I absorb it like a sponge.

Love won’t go away.  You can push all you want but it will be there waiting.  It wants to be more than an illusion. It wants to be more than a friend.  It craves realization. This can be painful as it grows. It makes demands.  It changes us. It humbles us.  With egos too big this can be painful as the ego fights to keep love out, but if you are able to let go of your mind-chatter, be silent and just absorb you can be stronger made by letting love in.


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3 Responses to The Illusion of Love

  1. Linda Seccaspina

    So many people are afraid to let love in and its a shame.
    Well said.

  2. suzanne smith

    Oh wow I was so hopeful when I wrote this. I get stepped on but I guess I just scrape myself up and keep going somehow.

  3. Hayley Rose

    Stepped on, stomped on. YA… I hear ya… they don’t deserve you- not many people, let alone men, can appreciate the greatness your spirit has to offer

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