Sleeping with Love

“I can’t sleep with a woman I don’t love.”  So that might mean that he falls in love with lots of women or not many at all.  It might mean that he really wants to make a life with you or just that he knows how to write love poems and songs to make you think it is love, but when times get tough he disappears.

The younger generation is experimenting with sex as physical exercise.  I have had lovers with no connection to love who know how to make the whole experience a glow for my body.  I like love making with no strings attached if the partner is gentle and knows what he is doing and goes home before he starts snoring and hogging the covers.

Some people want a love that lasts forever and yet that is impossible.  One way or another you are going to lose the person you love.  Unless you believe in life after death and the ability of love to survive even that final loss, we are all alone.   So when I found someone who turned me on I was glad when I experienced that release.  They are all gone now and I am alone.  Do I love myself?

Falling in love is wonderful energy.  Giving yourself to another person and opening like a flower under their touch is addicting.  I think of the birds pursuing each other thru the trees and getting that brief moment of high energy when they come together.  The female bird finally stops struggling and trying to flee.  The male bird brings his gift in and releases it into the womb so that a new life can be born.  Some go their separate ways and some build a nest together and raise their babies.  Some mate for life.

Building a bond with another person is bondage.  You both lose some of who you are, but take the pleasure that comes after surrender.  When you have a partner who knows how to please you and you know how to please them, that bond is like steel.  If you can keep the passion alive and build your nest you have a chance at prolonging love.  But if you can’t build the nest don’t despair.  There is love all around us at any moment and sleeping with a person you love is always possible. I purposely used the term “sleeping with” in that sentence instead of “having sex.”   When you find someone you enjoy being in bed with and wake up in the morning with you have truly found a treasure.


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  1. Linda Seccaspina

    I agree Zanelle..when you can find one to wake up with ya have a winner..:)

  2. Hayley Rose


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