Confusing News Day

It’s a confusing news day for me. For one, I didn’t know Andy Griffith was still alive and two, I thought everyone knew Anderson Cooper was gay…

Andy Griffith, a show before my time. Way before my time. May he rest in peace.


As for Anderson Cooper, I am pretty sure I heard that somewhere and on more than one occasion. It’s unfortunate that some media commentators have accused him of using this admission as a publicity stunt. One of those commentators is the infamous Star Jones. Maybe she feels he used this as a publicity stunt because she is someone who uses them frequently. I will never forget the months leading up to her failed marriage, in which she used The View as a stage to pander for free everything for the ceremony.

As far as Anderson is concerned, I think that it is good that he is speaking publicly about being gay. I do not think it is a publicity stunt. Anderson has always come off as genuine. He spends a lot of time doing segments on bullying and its sparked a lot of positive awareness and concern for the children being harassed across the country. It is no doubt that people and kids who are closeted might borrow some courage from Cooper and eventually be who they were born to be rather than living a lie shamed into the closet by close-minded members of our society.

Those stories confused me, but this story just all out baffles me and brings me back to 1998. Jackie and Kelso are back together?! It is rumored that ex-co-stars from That 70’s Show Ashton Kutchner and Mila Kunis are dating. I have to say, he was my least favorite character on the show and it seems that every other movie or show he appears on he plays the same character (himself!).

And of course the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce saga marches on. If you have not checked it out, read my article Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split: Is Scientology to Blame?


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8 Responses to Confusing News Day

  1. suzanne smith

    Yes It is all confusing. Full Moon today. Taking it easy.

  2. Linda Seccaspina

    I think she is right about the full moon.. Everything is going wonky!

  3. Jeanette

    Well, even though Andy Griffith was before your time, take some of your time to watch the show….it is superior to the junk that is on TV now. It had a heart and you loved everyone on the show. Anderson Cooper….why did I know he was gay, too? And I agree, I think he is wonderful.
    Wasn’t Star Jones’ marriage a publicity stunt? And didn’t she marry someone who was gay? So why doesn’t she just keep her insipid thoughts inside her insipid brain?
    Enjoy the full moom everyone!!

  4. Paul Roese

    that’s what happens when you drop off the media radar. people think you’re dead. i like G K Chesterton’s quote. “Journalism largely consists of saying “Lord Jones is Dead” to people who never knew that Lord Jones was alive.” Andy’s body of work will hold up down the years. to be honest i never thought about Mr Cooper’s sexual orientation and am sorry he felt the need to make it public. i liked it when years ago Kevin Spacey refused to answer the question saying it was no one’s business if he liked to sleep with men, women or both. i thought bravo! sir. you are correct. i wish more folks would do this because once it’s known what’s next? questions about how often are you screwing? if you like role playing? oral sex? anal sex? trio’s? quartet’s? S &M? do we really need to know this??? at this late date it’s not as if Anderson is a pioneer coming out and when he does a story about any GLBTG issue people will assume he will be not be objective and have an agenda like they do with Rachel Maddow. now when he is mentioned he will be tagged as gay reporter even if he never does a story about those issues. i am sure that doesn’t make him happy. are John King, Brian Williams or Kate Snow better news people because they are straight? of course i don’t know that they are straight for sure but i don’t think about their sex lives either. as a straight should i only trust reporting from those who line up with me tag wise? white/straight/American/male. well i am not going to.

  5. Chris Friemering

    Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a hard time convincing people of their sudden hot and heavy romance. In a poll taken in New York City’s Times Square, over 2/3 of the respondents believed that the Cruise and Holmes romance is a publicity stunt due to their upcoming movie releases (Cruise’s War of the Worlds and Holmes’ Batman Begins. Actors/actresses notoriously fall in and out of love in Hollywood, so why is there so much speculation about this romance. Why is this romance such a hard pill to swallow? Doesn’t anyone believe in love at first sight anymore?,:.*

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