Out of Dough?

Target, Bread Aisle, Hayley Rose 2012

Ok. So it’s hard to believe that we are having another record storm just days before Halloween and exactly one year after last year’s Hurricane Irene disaster.

Last year I was suppose to go down to The City with a girlfriend. We were going to meet up with this tattooed guy I was dating at the time. That Friday, she tried her darndest to convince me to drive to Stamford from Waterbury as the snow storm commenced. I hate to break it to you, I said, but this is going to be a blizzard. She insisted I come. Her Cinderella costume was burning a hole in her hanger. No, I really cannot make it, I told her, and then proceeded to explain that my Kia Sportage would not be able to make it up the slight incline (that is my street) even with a 1/4 inch of snow (ever since the four wheel drive kicked the bucket it has been completely useless in bad weather).

She wasn’t happy and drove off to her stylist to get her hair done. She called me on the way back insisting I drive down (the 1.5 hour trek which would likely take at least four hours to accomplish in the snowy weather if I ever made it). So I stayed here. She insisted on going to The City but ended up camping out in a local hotel with her family. Like me, they had lost power. I was house sitting a bird. If you happen to lose power while house sitting a tropical bird in freezing cold weather, it’s quite stressful. The  key is to insulate the bird’s cage by covering it in tons of blankets.

Several days later power came back on, both the bird and I survived, but other areas, like Manchester and West Hartford went without power for two weeks.  That better not happen this year. It’s bad enough that I went to Target this afternoon and could not get a loaf of their mocha bread. Below is a picture taken at the Southington, Connecticut Target this afternoon at 2 PM ET.

Bread aisle, Target. Hayley Rose 2012

To all my friends, especially Connecticut and Tri-State area peeps, please keep me posted on your weather info, conditions and updates! You can leave comments on this blog, email me or tweet me your Storm Sandy News. I will be reporting on the weather from the CT area on Huff Post Live tomorrow at 12 PM Eastern time and again at 4.


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4 Responses to Out of Dough?

  1. Linda Seccaspina

    Stay safe Hayley..

  2. Jeanette

    Junior appreciated your care!! so did I, Hayley.
    Nothing much happening here right now…..strong wind is about all.. batten down the hatches and hunker down!!

  3. suzanne smith

    Wow Those photos are riveting! You are a smart cookie to stay home.

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