Ghosts: Not Just a Halloween Pastime for this Connecticut Resident

For most people, ghosts are only thought about during Halloween. Not for Jo Johnson, the Middlebury Medium. For as long as she can remember, Johnson has been able to communicate with dead people, or more accurately stated: the dead have been able to communicate with her.

“When I was a young child, a lot of things came to me, sometimes in dreams and sometimes I just knew things without having any logical way of knowing them.”

It wasn’t until Johnson moved out of her family’s home and into her first apartment that she was able to take note of this post-mortem prowess. The first time she walked up the stairs to her new second floor apartment, she sensed that something was not right.

“Upon entering the room, I was surrounded by warmth. It’s difficult to explain, but to most accurately describe it, it was as if someone was breathing on me from every direction.”

Johnson dismissed the incident as very strange and rented the apartment anyways. About a week later she received a call from a friend who urged her to immediately abandon the abode.

“At first, I didn’t understand the urgency of her call. Then she told me a man brutally murdered his wife and hid her body under a bed in the apartment.”

Not only did the grizzly crime occur in bedroom where Johnson had been sleeping, but only one month had passed between the date of the murder and the day she moved in.

“I took all my stuff and left that day.”

Though she immediately vacated the apartment and moved into a new one, she could not shake her gift. Not long after moving in to her new place, she woke up and found a woman and a girl adorned in Victorian Era clothing staring at her. Though it was quite alarming, it did not scare Johnson into moving again.

“Nobody was murdered there,” she jokes.

Despite her supernatural connections, Johnson is pretty down-to-earth and acknowledges the viewpoint of skeptics.

“If I was hearing these stories from someone else, I don’t know that I would believe them, but I’ve experienced them myself.”

With a constant revolving door of new and old faces both living and dead, Jo never has a boring day, that’s for sure.

For Johnson, communicating with those who have passed over is a labor of love. She has helped reunite many families with their lost loved ones.

“I’ve done this for pretty much all of my life and I do it because I like to help people.”

Johnson does find it difficult at times, especially in cases where the one who has passed on is a child who died suddenly or in an accident.

“Those are the hardest to do.”

Jo "reads" for her friend Marge

Sadly, she found herself in the same position of many of her clients when her husband David Johnson passed away in 2007. Since her husband’s death, her interest in contacting the spirit world grew deeper. Since that time, she’s helped even more people get in contact with their deceased loved ones.

“Through my own sadness, over this loss, I found that I was better able to help others through their grieving.”

It’s no surprise that this was not the last she heard of David. Most notably was a visitation from him this past New Year’s Eve, a date that had special meaning for the Johnson’s.

“I had guests over. We were in the living room, counting down with the TV. Just as the clock was about to strike midnight, I said aloud ‘Okay David, it’s our anniversary.’ And not a moment later, at the strike of 12, we heard a loud bang. To everyone’s surprise, at midnight, a bottle of champagne sitting on the kitchen table popped open all by itself.”

In addition to mediumship, Johnson is skilled in psychic readings, the tarot, dream interpretation and past life regression, a skill taught to her by Sylvia Browne’s Ordained Ministers. These days, Johnson has been running into skeptical folks less and less.

“There’s another world on the other side that people are starting to see more of.”

Before leaving, the Middlebury Medium was more than happy to answer a few of the day’s most pressing questions.

When asked if the world will end on December 21, 2012 (as it was inferred by the Mayan calendar), Johnson predicts we will still be alive on December 22.

“I don’t believe it. I just think they ran out of numbers.”

As for this winter, she sees a lot of ice.

How about the groundhog. Will he see his shadow?

“They always see their shadow,” she laughs.

And finally, she sadly confirms what many have long suspected, “Yes, Elvis really is dead.”

Bummer. What about TuPac?

If you would like to contact Jo Johnson, you can reach her by email via

Be sure to check out the Rep-Am website to see a video of the Middlebury Medium in action answering more metaphysical questions and speaking toone woman’s deceased loved one.

More About Mediums:

Consulting mediums was a popular pastime for both Abraham Lincoln and his wife. And they were not the only First Family to hold seances in The White House!

At the very beginning of the audio tape of the interview with Jo Johnson, a high-pitched disembodied voice saying “please” can be heard.

Later on the tape, when Jo explains that she gets many of her messages from those who have passed on when she is near water, a noise mimicking the sound of splashing water can be heard on the tape immediately after she says the word “water.”

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