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Is This Legalized Rape?

As the War on Women rages on, the idiocy of it continues to expand exponentially, take for example last month when two congresswomen were banned from saying the word ā€œvagina.ā€ Add that to the fact that more states continue to ban or attempt to ban abortion and contraception, too.

It’s kind of ironic, the fact that so many of these lawmakers are trying to force themselves into the vaginas of American women everywhere, because in this country, women get to choose who they do and do not let into their vaginas. Even women who might be considered promiscuous by society’s standards, women who let lots of people into their vaginas, still made the choice to do so. There is a word for when someone forces themselves into a woman’s vagina without her permission and that word is rape.

If you read my blog you know a little about my background. I am a survivor of sexual assault. In fact, one in six women in the US are part of this demographic. For these women, who were at one time victims of rape, there was obviously at least one event in their lives in which they did not have that choice; the choice to say “yes” or “no.”

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The Importance of Choice

After being raped by two men when I was just fifteen years old, I understand the value of choice. Maybe that’s because I never had one. The trauma I experienced reminds me of the abortion ban Mississippi law makers are pushing through their state legislature. Had I become pregnant as a result of those rapes, there is no doubt in my mind that I would’ve aborted the fetus.

For most of those (pro-lifers) leaning towards the anti-choice stance, rape and incest are often the two exceptions to the rule, when it comes to the outlawing abortions. Who gives them the right to put stipulations on other people’s decisions? Who gives them the right to take away my choice? Maybe one has to have the option of choice taken away before he or she can fully understand it’s value.

Mississippi lawmakers are close to successfully banning abortion from their state. Only one abortion clinic remains and lawmakers are looking forward to putting this last remaining clinic out of business as well. How did they block it? A new bill has stacked the deck against medical doctors by adding extra stipulations, not typically required for the typical licensure to perform abortion procedures.

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