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We already had an Assault Weapons Ban, Remember?

Guns Used in Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre

“In addition to the gunman, blood is on the hands of members of Congress and the Connecticut legislators who voted to ban guns from all schools in Connecticut (and most other states). They are the ones who made it illegal to defend oneself with a gun in a school when that is the only effective way of resisting a gunman,” says Larry Pratt.

What is wrong with Larry Pratt, of¬†Gun Owners of America¬†and those who think like him? Tonight on “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” he pretty much admitted his intention to commit treasonous acts against the United States government.

During the show, Pratt resisted the proposition of legislation for an assault weapons ban. But why? Did everybody forget that this assault weapons ban legislature is not new? That at one time it did exist and was signed into law in 1994 by former President Bill Clinton? The ban lasted for 10 years until President Bush, who promised to renew the ban during his 2004 bid for office, inevitably let it expire.

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