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Fluffy’s Law

Horrific news from Connecticut today. Between these senseless murders and all of the other bad news out there regarding animal murders (most recently dead puppies skinned a live in PA, dolphins being shot to death etc)… I made a petition this morning after seeing this about a local dog on Facebook:

Of course since this morning, 27 people (18 children) have been murdered a few towns over from me- by no means do I want to overshadow that atrocity (I just happened to write this before hand and need 25,000 signatures by January 13th!).

This petition, Fluffy’s Law, is going to the White House to demand harsher penalties for animal murderers and abusers. These horrific crimes upset all of us, but until more people put their words and thoughts of outrage into action, little will be done.

I put my thoughts and words into action and made a petition. Most people are too apathetic to sign it! Don’t be most people! I know what most of them are thinking, “I don’t have to sign it someone else will, no big deal.” Well ya, it is a big deal because I need 25,000 signatures and at the moment, I only have three (and one of them is, you guessed it, MINE!). C’mon people!

Please click here to sign Fluffy’s Law

The Petition reads:

Fluffy’s Law:

After going missing, Coty, a local dog was found murdered. Coty had been missing and rather than report the stray dog to the local animal shelter, the last person who saw Coty alive brutally shot him and disposed of his body in the Housatonic River.

These types of things happen every day. This year in my home state, we have seen senseless stabbings of llamas, and the beheading of cats. Recently in Pennsylvania, a bag of dead puppies was found. The puppies were skinned alive. In the last month dolphin carcasses have shown up on the Atlantic Coast with gun shot and stab wounds! Last year someone shot three seals point blank in the head on Cape Cod- I could go on and on… And the worst part, no one has been found or convicted for any of the above crimes!

US animals are subjected to random killings, bestiality, torture, neglect and abuse. With little protection, very few people are ever convicted for these heinous crimes. Even when they are caught, the punishment is for killing or abusing an animal is typically a “slap on the wrist.”

Let’s ensure that the punishment for the unlawful killing and abuse of domestic and wild animals results in a comparable punishment for the same crime enacted on a human being. Yes. I’m talking 20 years to life in prison and/or the death penalty for these sick animal murderers and abusers. Harsher punishment for these types of criminals may be the only thing to deter them from committing more of these disturbing crimes.

Please sign this petition and share it with as many people as possible!


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Residual Pain

Last night, I volunteered at the animal shelter. I always loved animals but started volunteering around the time I began attending rape counseling. Those memories had long been suppressed and by the time I finally got around to speaking to someone about them, I was in bad shape. I was definitely suffering from some sort of PTSD and was terrified of people as well as the most benign circumstances. In counseling, I talked about being date raped. I felt better after talking to someone and being validated. You see, I blamed myself for being raped, because I willingly entered the situation: I went over my “friends” house to watch the Superbowl and have a few beers. That was twelve Superbowls ago. A night that started off fun ended with a lot of memory loss, inability to determine sequence of events, physical pain, and then a loss of said friends -but not before an inquisition from said friends in which they slyly tried to determine what I remembered of the night, if anything at all.

For the next decade I did what I wanted to do fearlessly. I did not worry about consequences. I did not care. It wasn’t until after rape counseling that I developed a new and unsightly complex. Though I expected the counseling to make things better it did and it didn’t. Though I now felt validated, receiving formal counseling and talking about what happened opened up a can of worms. After going on a date or hanging out with a man alone, I would go home and scrutinize the night’s events, piecing them together again and again worrying to myself about whether or not something happened. The basis for this fear was a fear that during the date, I had some sort of memory loss, though I was fully conscious and sober the entire time. I would agree with most people, that this is pretty nutty, however, the fear was very real and debilitating. Once the anxiety began it took off like a speeding train. It could go on and on for hours and sometimes days. God bless the people around me who patiently listened to me and reassured me that it was unlikely that anything happened, and reassured me that I would remember it.

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