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Happy Friday!

Check out my new article on HuffPost World:

Check out this appalling story about how two dolphins OD’d on heroine when the responsible staff at the zoo that held them captive hosted a rave. Just another reason I HATE zoos!!! Follow this link for the full story…

Here’s an uplifting video of a baby seal being released back into the wild. Click here


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The Future of Wildlife After The Gulf Oil Spill

A few days ago, I received a message in my Inbox titled, “In Memory of Sea Turtles and Dolphins.” Just reading the title made me sick to my stomach, but I opened the email anyways. For the past few years, I’d felt especially close to dolphins. It all started one summer, when I foolishly hopped in the car with my boyfriend to travel across the country. After less than a week of exploring, we found ourselves on Virginia Beach. Little did I know that during an afternoon of sand and shore, the day’s record heat would give me the worst sunburn I’ve ever experienced.

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