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My Interview with Artist Young Sam Kim

I recently interviewed artist Young Sam Kim on his new series “A World in the City.” For the series, the artist used “hyper-collage,” a technique in which various pieces of digital photography are layered and superimposed upon one another. Through the use of this technique, Kim seemingly created a world of his own; a multidimensional space in which each time you view one of his pieces, you notice something you did not see the first time.

When observing a work of art, the mind naturally tends to piece a narrative together, not only from the associations it brings to the work, but from the work itself (as it inevitably does while viewing Kim’s artwork). After my interview with Kim I realized that even the the most creative mind’s conjecture could not breach the depth of Kim’s commentary of “A World in the City.” And through a little knowledge of the artist himself, the layers of his work deepen to a whole other dimension: Kim is hearing and vocally impaired. Continue reading

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“A wise man turns chance into good fortune.”


Emmanuel, Mary, Artstrong 2012

Emmanuel Fremin doesn’t leave things up to chance, he doesn’t believe in it. Hard work and vision are the principles that have brought both him and his partner, Mary Nguyen, success. Emmanuel and Mary are the owners of the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea New York but they haven’t stopped there.

Current exhibition at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, Giuseppe Mastromatteo's "Indepensense"

Starting out small, they sold art from Emmanuel’s apartment, but the business quickly expanded, and as a result, they needed to find an appropriate gallery space to conduct their work. Dealing art wasn’t such a big jump for them; they were already working in creative fields. Emmanuel began his career posing for artist Michel Giliberti and then became an Elite model. Mary started her career as a chef and continued her innovative creations by perfecting her Vietnamese spicy peanut sauce, Saigoniste, the “Official Food of the Art World,” which has since been showcased in events such as Red Dot and Art Asia.

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