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The Chef

He came to the store where I worked and before he spoke, I recognized him as the person I had been talking to on the internet.  He was very tall and quiet black gentleman with big doe eyes and he wanted me badly.

His wife was distant.  She was an alcoholic and that was the big elephant in the room that no one talked about in his house.  At the time I didn’t know what that meant.  Now I do and I sympathize with him.  We met again at a coffee shop in the eclectic part of town where I lived.  I liked him.  Smart, responsible and sexy.   He was a chef at a downtown hotel and he had started that profession by just walking in to a place that had a “dishwasher wanted” sign in the window.  From there, he worked his way up to head chef.

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Fiction Friday: Rory’s Story Cubes, an Open Call

A few days ago, I bought a game called “Rory’s Story Cubes” at Borders. The game is made up of nine dice. Each die has a variety of pictures on it. You roll the dice and then you make up a story based on the order (and pictures) of how the dice fall. It’s kind of like a writing prompt, but I didn’t have much fun playing this game alone…. I’ve posted a cube arrangement below and invite anyone to make a funny or even serious short out of this. I hope this will be fun, I can’t wait to read what transpires.

This is the order in which they fell, beginning with a fish, an alien, a word bubble, an apple, a credit card, a magic wand, a question mark, a turtle, and a fire. Please feel free to post any responses in the comment area :)

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