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My power works best in weakness

I was driving home this morning from an appointment and I was feeling kind of sad. Lately things just don’t seem to be going my way and I find little happiness in my day to day affairs. In my head as I drove, I asked God to help me and then I looked up and there was one of those billboards with a Bible verse on it glaring back at me “My power works best in weakness.” I read it and reread it. What was that suppose to mean? Was this some kind of riddle?

I was really having trouble understanding what it meant and even after Googling the verse I lacked further clarification. My power works best in weakness? I suppose it means that at your weakest point is when you need to be the strongest. That this is the time to sink or swim- will you pull yourself out of the metaphorical gutter or just waste away? I have pulled myself out of a lot of gutters, for sure. I continue to do so on most days even my worst ones. I have done it so many times that I have become self reliant- maybe too self reliant. I do not trust nor depend on other people. After being let down time and time again, I learned that trust is not something I should exercise with anyone. Even with my closest friends and family it is difficult for me. So instead of a trusting person, I have become a more do- it-yourself-take-charge person. This does not work when trying to relate to other people, however.

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Need a Miracle?

When all else fails and your family and friends are out of suggestions, there is always Google. I’m not gonna lie. Throughout my life when I’m alone and confused, I type random things into Google such as, “What should I do with my life?” Then I spend the next hour or two scouring through the suggestions reaped by the trusty search engine.

Recently, I found myself on Google doing some research. I was having a particularly bad night and typed in the following: I need a miracle. To my surprise, I immediately found several websites that offered to pray for miracles for free!Need a miracle?” one site rhetorically begs the question. Though some of the webpages asked for donations, most did not. Most of the sites happily obliged prayer requests without any mention of monetary compensation. Just check out Prayers Online.net. This page simply asks that you spread the word about their site so that others may find them and request miracles too.

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Following Your Dreams is Truly Divine Work

Flowers Hayley Rose 2009

Often, the most difficult thing in life is being true to yourself. By the time your cognitive development is over you have been bombarded with millions of different ideas; ideas that have shaped your personality by telling you not only what you should be doing but who you should be. Many of these messages come from the people who brought us up, friends and relatives, however; the media and culture play undeniable roles in our world view. From the time you are ready to begin life as an adult you are often in a headspace so far away from your true self that you can no longer identify your passion or dreams. Then life gets you. Responsibilities and bills imperative for survival come to the forefront and things like following your innermost dreams seem like something silly, something you tell yourself you will have time to do later.

It is never too late to follow your dreams, sometimes you just have to do a little back peddling. Your truest self is the self that remains when you stop letting the opinions of others penetrate your mind. The only way you will ever reach your true is by not caring about what others think, and stepping forward with courage. It does not matter what others think, following your dream is divine work; it is between you and God. Continue reading

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Shamanism: Reading the Signs of Your Life

Painting by Hayley Rose

Who says Shaman have to be traditional Native medicine people grandfathered in by an ancient lineage of metaphysical healers? This is what most people think of when they hear the term ‘shaman.’ The truth is that anyone can begin the spiritual practice of reading the signs around them, no journey quest required!

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