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New on The Veggie Stand

Help the Humane Society ban puppy mill imports by signing their petition.

According to the Humane Society, “For decades, unscrupulous pet dealers have imported thousands of young, often unweaned and unvaccinated puppies from foreign puppy mills for resale in the U.S. These puppies often suffer harsh, long-distance transport, exposed to extreme temperatures and infectious diseases along the way. Many of them die.”

Help extend the European Union’s ban on animal tested cosmetics

The EU may not be extending their ban on animal tested products. The deadline is coming up and if they do not extend the ban animals will be subjected to this type of cruel testing- and it’s not just make up that they will be testing on them, but drugs and chemicals too.

Vegan Pizza Recipe

Coincidentally as I was writing this posting this recipe, I heard Dr. Oz on TV speaking about three foods that work wonders for improving your memory- three foods that all happen to be in this delicious recipe!

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