Kim Kardashian: Domestic Abuser?

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People are horrified over the episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s in which Kim Kardashian takes a closed fist swing at husband Kris Humphries. Despite the entire scenario being caught on camera, many viewers are still wondering — is this domestic violence?

How is this a disputable question? Though some have tried to downplay her violent reaction by calling it “playful,” throwing a fist at your husband is not playful and technically falls under the category of domestic violence. It seems that because Kim is a woman people are confused as to whether or not her action falls into the “domestic violence” category. My answer: yes, it absolutely does.

Here is the dictionary definition of domestic violence “violence committed by one family or household member against another — see also restraining order.” They are husband and wife therefore it certainly qualifies. If they were strangers and she did this is would still be labeled violence just not domestic violence.

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