The Vortex: A Poem

Do I want to move to the Big City or

go back to the mountains of Vermont

where the silence is deafening, where I

will surely drown in the cavernous

green mountains, now hidden, snow

capped ?


Hayley Rose 2007

Hayley Rose 2007

A vortex. A wise woman once warned

me that it was a vortex, Vermont. A

spiral of energy that either sucks you in

or spits you out. It spit me out. This is

why it’s so desolate, she said. People

cannot take the quiet for too long, or

they take the quiet for so long that they

can no longer take the noise.


Screen shot 2012-01-21 at 4


A young poor college student used to

traverse the shores of Lake Champlain.

Used to walk from pub to pub in

downtown Burlington, testing the liquor

and brews; to make sure they weren’t

poisonous, of course. On the corner of

College Street and Battery, there was a

condominium complex. Brick and mortar,

iron balconies, West facing windows

overlooked the sea.


Hayley Rose 2007









It looked like a sea, the lake, so vast and

unmoving except for the gentle waves the

UVM students rode on sailboats. I had to

crane my neck to look up at the

penthouse with balconies that wrapped

it’s arms around it like a lover.


       Hayley Rose 2007

 A secret wish, to live in this
 undisturbed place, west facing windows
that overlooked the sea, this vortex within
a vortex.


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