My Book is Here!

Late this afternoon my book should be available for download on Amazon. I’m sorry about the delay- I will post an article about that later. Coming soon: a hard copy edition. In the meantime, here is the book’s synopsis:

Told through the lens of the sea, each of the book’s five sections chronicle the main character’s journey away from tumultuous love affairs by weaving stories of her past with stories from literature, music, and visual art of both modern and classical significance.

After nearly being murdered by a boyfriend, Hayley promises herself that she will never let a man abuse her again. She figures that making this change, from dating abusive men to normal ones, should be as easy as flicking off a light switch, but soon finds that even after she’s made the conscious decision to no longer involve herself in unhealthy relationships, the rest of her has yet to catch up with that thought. Still caught up in the dramaturgy of her relationships’ past, she sets off on an emotional voyage to discover how she ended up on the shores of coastal New England.


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  1. i’ve never bought an electronic book and frankly don’t know how it works, but i shall bend my “no electronic book policy” for you! congratulations on your success. :)

    • Hayley Rose

      Well, thank-you so much! – if you have the ipad, a smart phone, or even an up to date operating system for your computer you can download the kindle app for free :)

  2. May you sell a million copies !

  3. Linda Seccaspina

    I am just so proud of you..

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