Rush Thinks We’re All Sluts

After Rush Limbaugh’s recent explosion over birth control it is clear that Rush Limbaugh thinks we’re all sluts. The controversy that caused the explosion: law student, Sarah Fluke’s testimony on behalf of women. Yes, women. She argued that birth control should be covered by insurance even if you are working or attending some sort of religious institution. The vast majority of Republicans are going after birth control coverage in the same way they bullied some insurance companies into removing abortion coverage. Rush responded to Sarah Fluke’s testimony with the following statement.

“So Miss Fluke and the rest of you feminazis, here’s the deal: If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, we want something. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch.”

It is interesting to note that Fluke’s argument was not based on the birth control’s contraceptive properties- but the health issues the pill is used to treat.

This is war: war on women. This last move, an attempt to remove birth control coverage from major insurance plans, proves it. They want us to be barefoot and pregnant or just plain poor from having to buy birth control without insurance coverage. Men can walk into a gas station to buy condoms. Condoms are $1 each. Women have to first make an appointment with an OBGYN (which without insurance is $250 before tests are added to the bill) and then they must get a prescription, bring it to a pharmacy and get it filled. Even with insurance, the copay for birth control is often $20 or even $40 for a one month supply!

I just called my local Rite Aid Pharmacy to get some prices. One of the safest birth control pills to take (safe because it has less hormones in it than the other ones) is $114.99 per month! That is without insurance. With insurance it is probably still expensive, as we know each year copays go up not down.

There are other options like Planned Parenthood, which will provide you with affordable birth control for $35, however, their selection of pills are limited and they do not carry the low hormone brands. Ladies, you better get your affordable birth control at Planned Parenthood quick, because the Republicans in power are trying to defund them too.



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8 Responses to Rush Thinks We’re All Sluts

  1. “Men can walk into a gas station to buy condoms. Condoms are $1 each. Women have to first make an appointment with an OBGYN”

    Is there anything preventing women from purchasing condoms themselves and requiring their partners to use them?

  2. Linda Seccaspina

    250 bucks to go for a checkup? Having had free health care in Canada since 1963 id rather die thank you very much

  3. Jeanette

    Rush Lamebaugh is a pig. He exposed himself for what he truly is …a big, fat perv……
    I think the feminist movement which has been somewhat dormant is about to welcome a whole new generation of women who have had it up to here being pushed around by men! It’s time to push back….

  4. Steve

    I love it when people counter personal attacks (for which he apologized) with personal attacks? Sarah Fluke should be an embarrassment to 30 year old women everywhere. Replace contraceptive device with any noun to clearly illustrate how weak, absurd, and pathetic her argument is. From what I have gleaned this Fluke enrolled there specifically to fight this battle. I suspet she will run for Senate in NY next. Why people like me (BS in Bio, MBA, proud conservative) are so enraged is because of the mentality she is trying to ram down our throats just like this President is doing as he continues his war on class, religions, and social issues. A private or religious institution does not have to provide contraception just because a spoiled brat stamps her feet and demands it. You want it, buy it yourself, simple as that. Instead of buying lattes at Starbucks and fancy phone, make the individual choice to provide a room under your own head, food, and yes contraception!

    • Hayley Rose

      Who did I personally attack? Birth control is a prescription drug, the same as Viagra and all these other drugs for men that are covered by the same insurance that she is demanding coverage from.

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