Are You Closed Hearted?

After watching one too many Good Morning America interviews, my mother came to the conclusion “Hayley, you’re just like Taylor Swift.” Outright sounded like a compliment as Taylor Swift is pretty, talented and rich, but it wasn’t. She meant that I was just like Taylor Swift in the sense that I too keep getting my heart broken and dumped by guys though, like Taylor Swift, I too am somewhat talented and successful (on a much smaller scale of course 😉 ). The similarities are endless because like Taylor Swift, my “art” is inspired by my life. What would I write about if I didn’t have so many dating horror stories? And why do people like me and Taylor Swift keep getting dumped? The answer lies within the heart chakra.

heart chakra

When I was in college I studied alternative medicine. I began Anatomy and Physiology and other biological science and chemistry courses with the intention of finishing a bachelor’s degree in Alt Medicine and then inevitably applying to some type of medical school to become a doctor. After the first semester I was fascinated by body functions etc but it still seemed that my real focus was on mind/ body medicine. Mind/body medicine isn’t really what we think of at all in the Western world when we hear the word “medicine.” Yoga is an example of mind/ body medicine. Meditation is also within the realm of mind/body medicine and exercise.

Chakras are a huge part of mind/body medicine that is a huge part of Eastern religion and culture. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit term used to describe the seven “spinning wheels of light” or seven “energy centers i”n your body. Crown Chakra, is on the top of your head, third eye chakra forehead, throat chakra is on your throat, heart chakra is at the center of your chest, solar plexus chakra is at your solar plexus, sacral chakra is in the sacrum and root chakra. The chakras are aligned directly in your center and go in a straight line up your body. They are each a different color of the rainbow starting with red at the first and bottom root chakra and working its way upward.


chakra energy healing in Los Angeles


Sometimes, people close their chakras without realizing it… Here are some example of how and why chakras become blocked.


Ex. Someone has a domineering/ abusive parent.

This person ends up being very scared and quiet as a result.

Throat chakra is likely closed because they were not allowed to express themselves or at the very least their opinion was never “heard.”

The background is likely to follow the person into adulthood where part of this person’s life journey is to work on “finding their voice.”


You have likely experienced chakra balances/ off balances manifesting into physical feelings… There is definitely some type of connection between chakras and the nervous system.

For example: The feeling of uneasiness in your stomach when you are upset about something is partially if not entirely solar plexus chakra related.


Sound Medicine for Chakra Balancing Singing Bowl Meditation for the Anahata, Fourth or Heart Chakra

Heart chakra is green

Heart chakra is located in the middle of your chest and when you like/love someone, heart chakra projects outwards to them like an invisible beam of light. Say you are single and don”t have anyone but are looking and not finding… Your heart chakra may be open and projecting outwards but the people around you’s heart chakras are closed off and not receptive to it. I have been in relationships where my heart chakra was projecting outwards and theirs was closed to me- doesn’t make sense that they stayed with me right? The truth is they were trying to end it and I didn’t realize it at the time. I actually had an epiphany about the heart chakra during the end of a relationship. I realized that my energy was being sent outward from my heart and his was completely walled off. You can be in a relationship with someone even if their heart chakra is closed to you but it will not last and for the duration until it inevitably ends, you will be MISERABLE. Perhaps this thought is where the phrase “closed heart” originates?

In order for a relationship to truly work, both people have to have open heart chakras  or “open hearts” (both participants in the relationship must have open heart chakras that project their energy outwards and to one another). If both heart chakras aren’t projecting towards one another, it just won’t work. That is why a person you are with can sometimes feel “closed off” to you. This is because they literally are closed off to you! Or more specifically, their heart chakra is…

So it seems that Taylor Swift and I aren’t actually doing anything wrong here in our quest to find the guy for us… Well that’s not entirely true. Truly the only thing we are both doing wrong is dating and talking to the wrong people! I would wager that Taylor, like myself, has an open heart. Now all we have to do is find guys with chakras that match!


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6 Responses to Are You Closed Hearted?

  1. Linda Seccaspina

    I had no idea bout some of this. Makes sense.. just open your heart Hayley.. it will come.

  2. Paul Roese

    i think we have to recognize that we lie in a fallen world and one that is out of balance. we all know good people who have had terrible things happen to them through no fault of their own. people who live healthy lives who get cancer or killed in an auto accident. the main thing spiritual and intellectual discipline helps us is in weathering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune often through the hope of a life to come. when you look around at the the Big Picture and all the suffering i think it unrealistic to expect we deserve to have all our wishes answered while millions find life nasty, brutish and short. we should be humble and thankful for what blessings we have and not pine over those we want. just sayin’

    • Hayley Rose

      I’m a believer in the law of attraction and making things happen- it just doesnt usually happen very quickly- I find that to be the main downfall

  3. suzanne smith

    Interesting post. Lots of information, thank you! I heard that the yearning we feel for coupling with another person is really the yearning for uniting with our universal self which has no yin or yang. I am trying to just feel whole. But that couple stuff is pretty enticing.

    • Hayley Rose

      ya- well they say when a soul is created it splits in two- just like atoms and everything else – everything has polarities- so we spend our lives looking for the other half of our soul- our “twin flame”

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