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Meant to Be?

If something is meant to be will it happen? I imagine this is a very ancient question- in fact, right now I am picturing Socrates in a toga pondering this one. Does anybody know for sure? We can only take examples from our lives and string them together to formulate our answer. Thinking back on my life I can certainly think of examples of when something was not meant to be.

A friend hooked me up with a guy she knew. We had never met face to face but I already knew what he looked like half naked because he was one of the firemen in our local city’s classy Firefighter’s Calendar. Anyways, we hadn’t yet met up, but we spoke on the phone a few times. His predominate method of contacting me was through texting. Oh, the faux pas that texting can create….The story your about to hear makes me want to implement a no texting rule, for my own safety as well as the safety of others, however, it would be best if I just threw my phone out because I’ve definitely made a fool of myself through what we know to be more traditional dialing methods.

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The Case Against Free Will: Part One

If there is such a thing as free is it really “free”? And don’t you think destiny always wins out in the end? Destiny really exists, in fact I think destiny actually exists in our minds- you may know it by it’s more common name- your conscious. We all know what we should be doing- we all know what feels right and what feels wrong- whether we will listen to our conscious or not is our own choice- this is where the free will part comes in. You have the free will to not do what you know you should do and to do things that you know you should not.

Every time I have gone against my conscious, not left a relationship when I should’ve, done something careless or stupid, things not only derailed quickly but sometimes violently.Things turning violent may be an extreme example, but sometimes destiny does what it has to do to get you back on track. How many times have you heard a story about someone who came down with a terrible illness; an illness that derailed all their plans yet ended up leading them to a more suitable path?

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