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Beating the Devil Around the Stump

Beat the devil around the stump- to evade responsibility or a difficult task. Old Western terminology.

What’s wrong with this country. Well a lot, but let’s start with healthcare. The United States is the only country of it’s caliber (“civilized,” modern, industrialized, etc) to not have universal heath care. For years people have considered Americans to be disconnected and ignorant of our European neighbors across the pond. It certainly seems we are removed from what’s going on over there, it’s scary over here; a real frontier. Those without healthcare are subject to death both mortal and financial. Disease and accidents are yesteryears outlaws. Will you dodge them? And if they get you, are you one of the lucky ones who have health care? Or will you collapse in the streets from illness or financial ruin; a sight reminiscent of the gunfight at the OK corral, where only a few unlucky ones got hit. Are you okay with our nation’s health care being as chaotic as Old Western vigilantism crossed with Russian Roulette?

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